I have dealt with horses for many years. Later In college I became very interested in the modern methods of horse training that are proposed by such personalities as Pat Parelli, Buck Brannaman, Larry Trocha, Les Vogt, Clinton Anderson, Manolo Mendez, Marijke de Jong and Will Faerber.

With time passing, I longed for achieving more and more in my training, which led me to get myself interested in the different types, quality and fitting of diverse equestrian equipment. This fascination pushed me to search through thousands of pages of materials in foreign languages, many hours of instructional videos and interviews with people related to the topic, to get me the knowledge I sought for.

Due to the fact that in our country and even in Europe it is quite hard to find high-quality, western gear, I started making it myself. The knowledge of woodwork, which was my father's profession, helped me a lot and he has definitely passed his artistic talent to me.

I still can not believe how many kinds and types of saddles, bridles or other equipment is still unknown on our continent, as well as how little knowledge can be found in Polish literature.

My another personal discovery was the Spanish riding style Vaquero. I am very fascinated by their methods and intricately decorated equipment.

After several years I started offering my products to a wider range of people, which led to the beginning of my business.

Today I can offer you handmade equipment that I do personally, with appropriate knowledge, starting with saddles, braided bridles, Romal reins to more common horse gear.

My specialty is creating tailor-made saddles individually fitted

to the horse and rider.

I want the variety of my offer to gradually expand.


I cannot imagine myself in a different role than as the creator

of such incredible applied art.














Marcin Ruda

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