"charro" - mexican saddle

PRICE ~ 2225 €



The name of this saddle comes from the indigenous Mexican riders- Charros, who initially used it for the pursuit of non-domesticated cattles in the wilderness. These saddles are traditionally produced in the area of Mexico. There is no one "right" charro saddle. There are many possibilities of finishing the saddle from extremely simple versions to intricately decorated ones with silver ornaments. What is fixed in the charro saddles is a very large, wooden horn that can have up to 20 cm in diameter and the gullet cut on both sides to form the letter V. Sometimes in the seat were cut two holes for strings, an easier way of carrying of the saddle.

I can make this saddle in a more modest version (from 750 € ) up to the version shown below.


All saddles are individually tailor-made for the horse's back, by previously taken measures of the horse and adapting them to the preferences of the rider.