portugal saddle

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PRICE ~ 1400 €


Below you can see the project of a Portuguese saddle. These saddles have almost not changed their appearance since the XVII century (the "Picquer" type), so they still have all their combat functions. Today they are used for Spanish dressage and Rejoneador, which is fighting bulls from horseback. The shown saddle is constructed on a wooden tree tailor-made for an individual horse, is binded with soft, natural leather on a layer of foam. The tree has also - in accordance with the Schleese's method - a little bit withdrawn points, releasing the horse's shoulders

The panels under the saddle and the front and back gullets are stuffed with natural sheep wool, which provides up to 30% shock absorption. The panels are lined on the bottom with cotton (or skin), which gives a better grip of the saddle to the horse's back. The profile of the seat and fixing of the stirrups is set in accordance with the principles of dressage saddle.


All saddles are individually tailor-made for the horse's back, by previously taken measures of the horse and adapting them to the     preferences of the rider.


PRICE ~ 1250 €

portugal saddle

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portugal saddle

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