SADDLE no.1 (18th c.) price to be agreed

Basend on the saddle from National Museum of the History of Ukraine (НМІУ) 17th-18th centuries, it was make probably by Lviv craftsmen.

There are saddle patterns of the so-called eastern type, i.e. with a tree built on bars.These will be Polish, Hungarian, Moscow, Turkish, Tatar and similar saddles, or even later French saddles of Napoleonic era. We can often find fixings for pillows under the saddle tree or whole pillows among the preserved originals. They create a useful buffer between the horse and the tree, which is why most products here have them attached.

SADDLE no.2 (circa 1700) price to be agreed

Oryginal saddle belonged to the Czartoryski family.

226 grenades, turquoises and amazonites setted in brass and mother of pearl with gold painting. Additionally eatching and embroidery.

SADDLE no.3 (16th c.) - 2100 Є

Moscovian/Tatar saddle circa 1570. Oryginal located in KHM in Vienna (no. D210). Wooden saddle tree covered with canvas, gesso and painting, leather painted with oil, velvet embroidered in pattern from Ivan Groźny saddle of similar period.

SADDLE no.4 (17th c.) - 3750 Є

Basend on long pointed saddle tree and finish based on baroque paint of Sir Hamilton.

SADDLE no.5 (17th c.) - 2750 Є

Basend on long pointed saddle tree and finish based on baroque paint of Sir Hamilton.

SADDLE no.6(17-19th c.)-2850 Є

Basend on two graphics from 1697 (Martino Altomonte- 'sejm elekcyjny') and 19th c. (Juliusz Kossak - 'Luzak pancerny na tle bitwy').

SADDLE no.7 (17th c.) - 1700 Є

Based on two sources depicting trapezoidal cantle - Józef Naronowicz 'Mapa Księstwa Birżańskiego' (1645) and Roelandt Savery 'Marche de cavaliers polanais un bois' (1614).

SADDLE no.8 (17th c.) - 1600 Є

Reconstruction based on findings from the battlefield of Beresteczko - 1651. Saddle tree made of wood with the pillow stuffed with wool (under a leather overlay). The saddle probably belonged to the escaping cossacks.

SADDLE no.9 (19th c.) - 1550 Є

Based on paint 'Odpoczynek na połoninie podczas polowania sapieżyńskiego na niedźwiedzia', 1874 - Juliusz Kossak.

SADDLE no.10 (19th c.) - 1550 Є

The saddle based on Juliusz Kossak paints from 19th c.

SADDLE no.11 (19th c.) - 1700 Є

Based on paint 'Jarmark w Bałcie na Podolu' - 1886. Painter - Józef Brandt.

SADDLE no.12 (19th c.) - 1600 Є

Hussar/ Light cavalry saddle 1815-1830. Based on saddles from Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.

At the customer's request we send the saddle tree to check the fit to the horse's back.

The tree is also prepared to ride and after checking and accepting everything the saddle is finished.

SADDLE no.13 (17th c.) - 3100 Є

Reconstruction based on saddle located at 'Tablica Gołuchowska' circa 1620. Saddle tree covered with canvas and birch bark uderside. Saddle covered witch red velvet, embroidery and brass fittings.