McClellan SADDLE - 1850 Є

The types presented here are representations of saddles that were created at the beginning of the 19th century, including the mid-twentieth century. These include the types of saddles such as: Mother Hubbard, Hope, Sam Stagg Rigging, Pueblo, Santa Fe, Texas, Pony Express saddle, Loop seat saddle, Plains, Mochilla, McCellan, Oregon and Montana type of saddle. I made the saddles based on the preserved graphics, taking into account the customer's needs.

McClellan type of saddle

Reconstruction one of the most famous American cavalry saddle- McClellan 1904. This model is individually fitted to the horse is back in 3D technology. The bottom surface of the bars is flatter than original ones, which provides better contact with horse's back. The size of the saddle is also tailored to the rider. The next important thing that we changed is to separate the straps for better adjustment position of the cinch, but of course the original solution is also available.

McClellan SADDLE - 1950 Є

Santa Fe type of saddles

These saddles have their roots in the city of Santa Fe and they were the favorite type of saddle in the era of 'mountain riders'. Within the limits of the Northern Territory of Spain, the locals created a saddle from the available materials. It was made from the highly decorated Spanish saddles that have been later modified for utility purposes. Characterized by wide fenders, large conchos and adorned with carvings.

SANTA FE SADDLE no.1 - 1600 Є

Hope saddles

Originally, the 'Hope' saddle was produced in Mexico in the years 1840-1880. It was built on a Mexican tree with a horn. Similar to these saddles were the A-fork types. On this page are presented several types of them, but the number of possible patterns of the saddle is almost infinite. It was the type used by mountain riders, pioneers and cowboys as they were light and handy.

HOPE SADDLE no.1 - 1490 Є

Other types of saddles



SADDLE 19thc. - 1950 Є

At the customer's request we send the saddle tree to check the fit to the horse's back.

The tree is also prepared to ride and after checking and accepting everything the saddle is finished.

HOPE SADDLE no.2 - 1490 Є

HOPE SADDLE no.3 - 1520 Є

HOPE SADDLE no.4 - 1550 Є

SANTA FE SADDLE no.2 - 1620 Є

SANTA FE SADDLE no.3 - 1600 Є

SANTA FE SADDLE no.4 - 1600 Є