In order to obtain the best precision and proper profiles for our saddles, We have a CNC machine deliberately constructed for this purpose. With a computer modeling tree we can be sure that the symmetry and the curves of the front and back saddle tree will be perfect. In our work we use only natural wood as alder, birch in some cases and also beech of 1st class material. Thus prepared trees are then covered with layers of varnish that protects against moisture. In addition, the technology CNC machines allows us to make more complex models of saddle tree, including historical reconstructions. Below you can see a schematic realization of a saddle tree made with CNC method. 

In the first stage it is necessary to measure the dimensions of the horse's back by measurment tools and subsequently to transfer them into the program creating a 3D model of the back.

Then I work on the shape of the tree and on fitting it on the model of the horse's back through the 3D program. The final stage of 3D modeling is to match all elements of the tree and then prepare them for CNC processing.

The most difficult step is the precise and accurate cut-out of such a complex 3D model, but matching of pre-prepared elements leads to the rise of a very precise saddle tree with a selected profile of seat.

The culmination of the work is the final fitting of the saddle tree, built according to the above diagram to the living horse. I always send a tree prepared to ride so the customer himself can check the feeling.

Importantly, the customer has the opportunity to test the main element (the tree) while riding and check the profile of the seat. This allows the application of any amendments before finishing the saddle, if needed. The saddle tree is sequentially sent me to finish it according to the agreed model. The final product is a finished project that is completely unique and individually tailored to the requirements of horse and rider.

The main characteristic of our work is to make saddles according to the individual needs of customers, often based on original projects. The price of each work is always established individually, and thus we encourage you to ask questions.

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